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Central Office Staff


Mike Antrican, Director of Schools


Deborah Southern, Elementary Curriculum

                                 Federal Programs Assistant Director


Colby Collins, Computer Technician


Brenda Dalton, Finance Director


Misty Cooper, Adult Education Manager


Tandy Mallicoat, Technology Coordinator


Janie Harrison-Dalton, Tennessee Coordinated School Health Assistant


Deb McDaniel, Tennessee Coordinated School Health Coordinator


Charlotte Mullins, Federal Programs Director

                                Supervisor of Instruction


Erin Seal, Payroll/Federal Programs Bookkeeper


Robert Winstead, Special Education Supervisor

                   Vocational Supervisor


Brenda Short, Food Service Supervisor


Tammy Swiney, EIS Information/Attendance


Jennifer Trent, Special Education Office Manager


Tony Seal, Transportation Supervisor

                               Attendance Supervisor


Sherry Walker, Federal Program/Insurance Secretary




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