Our email service is currently hosted by Education Networks of America (ENA). ENA has built a new ENA Mail service that will provide a number of new web-accessible features like Calendaring, Tasks and on-line Briefcases as well as unlimited storage and for those of you with large mailboxes much faster email retrieval times. ENA will be migrating our ENA-hosted email accounts to the new ENA Mail service on 3-9-11 to 3-11-11 during the overnight hours. Please review the information below to learn more about the service and what you need to do to access the new ENA Mail.


Frequently Asked Questions

        Who Is Affected? Everyone with an email address


        When Will this Happen? ENA will migrate our email accounts to the new service the evenings of 3-9-11 through 3-11-11.


        How Long Will it Take? ENA will migrate our accounts overnight. Your account will be migrated and ready for you the morning after the migration is complete. There may be a period of time during the night of the migration that your email account will not be available to you, but no mail will be lost.


        Does My Email Address or Password Change? No. Neither your email address nor your password will change.


        What Will Be Migrated? All your current email stored on the ENA Mail servers will be migrated to the new service. This includes your folders, sub-folders and drafts. If you use ENA Webmail and have Contacts or Contact Groups, those will be migrated as well.


        What Do I Need to Do? After your account has been migrated, you will need to make a few changes in order to access your new ENA Mail account:


o   ENA Webmail Users: The URL used to access the new ENA Mail will change. The new ENA Webmail URL is Your username to access the new ENA Webmail will be your full email address (Example: Your password is the same password you have now. Please update the ENA Webmail URL in any saved bookmarks you have.


o   Email Client Users: If you use an email client like Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird to access your mail, you will need to reconfigure your email client in order to access the new ENA Mail. ENA has documented the changes that need to be made for most common clients. See the Important Links section below.


o   Portable Device Users: If you use an iPhone, Palm Pre, Android phone, Blackberry or other portable device to access your mail, the settings on those devices will need to change as well. Please see the Important Links section below for more information. Because there are numerous devices and clients, ENA will make a best effort to assist you, however it may be necessary for you to contact your wireless service provider for additional assistance.


        Important Links

o   New ENA Webmail:

o   General Information about the new ENA Mail:

o   Email Client Configuration:

o   Basic Portable Device Configuration:

o   Training Webinars:



Thank you for your support and cooperation!